Just your ordinary, everyday mastermind- INTJ Stereotypes Survey

Recently, I took the MBTI self- evaluation and scored as an INTJ. Here’s my  response to the common stereotypes about INTJs. .

INTJ Stereotypes Survey

Intelligent: I think so. I have a decent  IQ, a very active imagination and very high concentration levels when I’m doing something I want to do.

Psychopath: No. Just because I have certain personality traits of criminal masterminds, it doesn’t mean I’ll follow you  home, hide in your cupboard and murder you with a chainsaw when you’re asleep.

No feelings: I am very much moved by human suffering… especially when it concerns the fictional characters I love. But  my feelings don’t usually control my actions or even my expressions.

Atheist: Not sure. I don’t mind believing in God, but I can’t stand organised religion. It’s the main cause of violence and intolerance in this world. Besides, all religions are misogynistic to a certain extent.

Not romantic: Thanks to all the books I’ve read, I have my own notions of romance.

Arrogant: I’m quite modest. I don’t like receiving compliments because I’m already aware of my qualities and I hate flattery.

Brutal and direct:  I don’t see the point in beating around the bush but I believe in being polite and considerate.

Manipulate people all the time: Not at all. I’m proud of honesty and my whole body revolts if I try to lie.

Robots in reality: No way. Robots are unimaginative and predictable.

Antisocial: Most definitely.

Can’t say “I love you”: I cannot remember ever having said that. I can’t say such things unless I really mean them.

Want to be alone 24/7: Almost always. I really enjoy being alone with my thoughts…

Can’t smile: Not unless there is a reason for it. I can’t fake smiles when I meet people or pose for photos.

Don’t/can’t care about others: I do care deeply for some people, though I don’t know how to show it.

Megalomaniacs by nature: No, I just wish to be left alone to do my own thing.

Don’t cry: I do. I often get teary eyed while reading really good fiction or watching emotional scenes in movies. (Try watching the animation film ‘Grave of the Fireflies’.)

Cannot/will not fight: I don’t fight over petty things. I prefer to conserve my energy for the really important fights.

Like conflict: I don’t like conflict but I don’t shy away from arguing about things to prove my point.

Self-centered: You could say that. I like to help others but only if my own interests are not harmed.

Appear to be on drugs: No.

Easily bored if not inspired: Yes, there have been times when I’ve almost died of boredom, stuck in a social situation with boring people making meaningless conversation. On those days I’m just glad I don’t have a gun.