The sheer imbecility of women’s clothing.

‘The Danish Girl’ is a movie inspired by the life of Einar Wegener, one of the first transgender persons to undergo a sex-change surgery. In the movie, Einar discovers his feminine side after his wife Gerda asks him to pose in a woman’s dress (very velvety, lacey stuff) for a painting.

Though the actors were brilliant, I wasn’t impressed by the scene. After all, what sane person would enjoy wearing women’s clothes? I’m definitely a cisgender female, and even I can’t stand the nasty uncomfortable things. Men’s clothing is made for people who have to go about their work with ease. Women’s clothing is mostly designed for people who just need to sit around looking fabulous. (Eddie Redmayne looks so fabulous in the movie, I just had to sketch him.)



The most annoying thing about women’s clothing is the lack of useful pockets. Most women’s jackets and shirts have fake pockets and the jeans pockets are too small to fit anything. I suppose they have to make such clothes to support the handbag industry.

Skirts are the reason for what is known as ‘feminine behavior’. Wearing a slim fitting skirt forces you to sit primly and walk with small steps, even if you’re running late for work.

Sarees are nine yards of impending disaster tradionally worn by Indian women. Many of them manage to carry it with grace, but there’s always a possibility tripping over the skirts or getting the end snagged somewhere. Still, it’s worth wearing a saree just to imitate the ‘Bad Girls’ in this popular comic.



The Indian salwar suit may have been a perfectly comfortable attire if it wasn’t for the dupatta that comes with it. I don’t see why it has to be worn like a noose around the neck (or for that matter, why men wear ties). I suppose you can use it to strangle any attacker, unless they catch hold of it first.
All my life, I have relied on the availability of  nice pairs of jeans. Nowadays, the only jeans I can find in stores are so tight that I’m afraid they may stop the blood circulation in my legs. I think I’ll have to give up on jeans and switch to cotton trousers.

Thankfully, they still make wearable shoes for women. I don’t feel the need to wear heels though I’m a midget. It’s painful enough to imagine the plight of those who do.


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