On procrastination, and how I plan to beat it.

I love planning. One of my favourite activities is making up lists and timetables. The trouble is that my plans almost never translate into reality. I wish I could earn a living by giving lectures like ‘How to procrastinate effectively to sabotage your own success’.

Take this blog, for instance. I get most of my ideas for blog topics when I’m out walking. I actually compose the whole article in my head. But when I get home from college at 7 in the evening, I’m too tired to do anything about it. Or I just tell myself to wait until the weekend, because I have books to read and research papers to look up and so on.

By the time I get to the weekend, I usually lose interest in the topic I was going to write about, or decide that it’s not worth writing about, after all.

Recently, I came across a technique  called “Don’t break the chain” that helps people overcome procrastination.

This is how it works:

  • You set yourself a challenge.
  • Each day you work on the challenge, mark the day with an X on your calendar.
  • Just keep doing this regularly, so that you don’t break the chain.

I’m hoping to write a blog post every week, instead of disappearing from WordPress for months at a time, as I’m prone to do. I wonder how long my chain will last.


2 thoughts on “On procrastination, and how I plan to beat it.

  1. Love this practice. Don’t break the chain will definitely keep you writing. I was inspired about a new tip I learned to help fire up motivation today. Very practical and inspiring advice on how to break through your procrastination http://bit.ly/1ONDL8k

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