Why India should decriminalize homosexuality.

In 2013, the Supreme Court of India decided to uphold an archaic law that criminalises homosexuality, considering it “unnatural” and “against Indian culture”. All the religious groups in the country came together in an unusual show of solidarity to support this decision.


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Ironically, the British, who gave us that law, have now made gay marriages legal in their own country.

As far as “unnatural” goes, homosexuality seems to be a perfectly normal phenomenon that has evolved to keep the population under control. A study has shown that female relatives of homosexual men(on the maternal side) are more fertile than those of heterosexual men. So there must be a factor on the X-chromosome that promotes both male homosexuality and female fecundity, to keep a check on the growth of that family.

Since only a small fraction of the population is homosexual, our species is unlikely to die out because of this. A lot of other species also show homosexual behaviour and continue to thrive.

So, it’s important to allow same- sex couples to marry and adopt children in an overpopulated country like ours.  Simply because we won’t have the resources to sustain all our people if the population keeps growing at the same rate. (Here, gay people are usually forced to marry someone of the opposite sex because of societal pressure.)

Besides, the sex ratio in India is about 940 females per 1000 males, mainly thanks to sex- selective abortions and female infanticide. So we don’t even have enough women to go around, if only heterosexual couples are allowed.

And who’s to decide what constitutes Indian culture? A lot of ancient Indian scriptures seem to refer to homosexuality, showing that it was not unheard of, even in those times. Thankfully, ‘Indian culture’ is not a fixed entity, or we’d still be burning women on their husbands’ pyres.

It’s absurd that I’m even having to write this post. Surely, the Indian Constitution gives people the freedom to make their own choices, as long as they don’t harm other people?



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